It’s True!

OK OK OK! It’s been a while. We’re sorry. Things have been crazy here at Misfitt Towers, but we’re pleased to say that things are on the up and up and we’re back in full, spectacular, amazing form! The website is having a refresh and will shortly be uploaded, the pricing plans are getting an overhaul and most importantly, Kitty is busy with new customers!

This post is really mostly about the fact that we’re back in business. We’re serious. We’re in control. This is all systems go and lots of other cliches about firing on all cylinders. So if you search for your business and you’re on page ten, or your website is looking a little tired, or if you need help getting your business out there on the web, don’t be shy, call Kitty at Misfitt on 02230 74553. You can also email at

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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