Rainy Days

It’s Monday morning and I have heaps to get through. Here at Misfitt web design and development I try my best to stay motivated and calm, even on the rainiest days (like today). However today I have two sick small boys that also need my attention. Thankfully I can tuck them up on the sofa and check on them periodically, while I get down to the important work of developing a new e-commerce site for a customer. Working from home clearly has its advantages, but not everyone is quite so lucky.

This week is going to be a busy one at MISFITT web design and development. On Wednesday I’ll be attending a webinar from the lovely people at Techsoup New Zealand (https://www.techsoup.net.nz/) in my other role as intrepid Scout leader extrodinaire, and later in the week I’ll be putting together a new booking system for a new customer. It’s all go!

Right now the rain is pattering on the roof, the boys appear to be doing pretty well and I have a large mug of hot coffee. The day is getting off to a good start.