Keeping a clear head

clear mind

It’s been a strange day. I had a niggle with a site that had been bothering me for hours and hours. You know the kind of thing, it develops into a war; you versus your issue. On and on I went, looking for answers, frantically searching for the magical solution to my problem. Refusing to give up.

But here’s the thing.

I had to give up, at least for a short time, to allow myself to take stock, breathe a little, and CLEAR MY HEAD.  I left the problem for some time, ate some dinner, refused to look at it again.

When I came back to it later, almost as soon as I sat down and looked at the problem, I had (whisper it) an idea. I put my plan into action. As if by magic, everything began to work again and BOOM! the issue was then resolved and my niggle was gone.

So there you have it folks, Misfitt web design and development has learned to take more breaks. They’re good for you, your mind and in my case, niggle-fixing.

Rainy Days

It’s Monday morning and I have heaps to get through. Here at Misfitt web design and development I try my best to stay motivated and calm, even on the rainiest days (like today). However today I have two sick small boys that also need my attention. Thankfully I can tuck them up on the sofa and check on them periodically, while I get down to the important work of developing a new e-commerce site for a customer. Working from home clearly has its advantages, but not everyone is quite so lucky.

This week is going to be a busy one at MISFITT web design and development. On Wednesday I’ll be attending a webinar from the lovely people at Techsoup New Zealand ( in my other role as intrepid Scout leader extrodinaire, and later in the week I’ll be putting together a new booking system for a new customer. It’s all go!

Right now the rain is pattering on the roof, the boys appear to be doing pretty well and I have a large mug of hot coffee. The day is getting off to a good start.