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It’s a new year and we’re all thinking about kicking things off for building a successful 2019. It could be you are thinking about your targets for the year and how you will achieve your goals.


One thing that everyone needs is to be found easily by their customers. There is nothing worse than looking for someone on a website but there is no easily found telephone number, address or contact form. If it’s difficult to find, chances are your customers will simply give up and go elsewhere.


Here at Misfitt Web Design and Development good layout and ease of use is vitally important. This is known as user experience, or UX. Without it, your site can be rendered next to useless.

Search Results

And let’s not forget being found in the first place. Getting to the top of that all-important first search entry is so important. This is called search engine optimisation or SEO, and here at Misfitt it’s something Kitty is really good at.

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So if you’re looking for an update, refresh or simply want to be found more quickly and easily, give me a call on 02230 74553 and talk to me about what you need.



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NZ Hosting from $25.00 per month

Domain Name and set up only $80.00

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