Ah. The blog. Or update, or whatever it is you want to call it. I must admit, it’s the one thing I’m forever telling people they should be doing, and yet I’m not the best at the regular updates myself. However, spurred on by a desire to do the right thing and lead by example, here’s an update.

And I of all people should be updating my blog regularly. I’m a developer, I build websites for a living and advise on SEO. I know better than most the vital importance of this. And yet still I find it difficult to do. However, I’ve begun using ‘time blocking’ to ensure I get things done. It’s actually proven really easy and a great way to remain focussed. And actually, it’s hardly rocket science. You basically decide that for an allotted time you’re going to be working on this or that project. And you simply do it. See? I told you it was easy.

The hard thing is learning to discipline yourself. No Facebook, no Twitter, no email, ‘phone on silent. Yes. On silent. Now I know we’re all about customer satisfaction, but they’re not going to be satisfied if you don’t finish the job, right? So yes. On silent. If you’re serious about customer service, you’ll have no trouble returning their calls once you’ve completed your task.

And that’s it! Easy-peasey. And now I’ve written this in my allocated time-slot, all I need to do is upload it to my website and schedule it to Facebook. Have I told you about scheduled posts yet? I’ll get onto that in the next update. Because hey, if a web designer can’t follow her own advice, why should you? And that’s the best impetus I have for continual improvement.

Remember to try time-blocking! It really will help you become more efficient and effective.

Check back next week for my next instalment!

Thanks, Kitty of Misfitt.

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