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For someone that spends a lot of time telling people to write blog posts the irony that I don't do the same is not lost on me. 😉


I need to force myself to be more disciplined and actually put this stuff into practice more often After all, I build web sites for a living. The least I can do is think a little about my SEO. For the uninitiated, this acronym is the magic that will get your site found by your potential customers. Without it, you're languishing away at the bottom of page 8,978 or something terrible like that. However, you can fix this.

It doesn't have to be that way.

No. As the marvellous boys of Erasure pointed out, we can do something to fix this. But like all things worth doing, it takes time and effort. A blog doesn't have to be a huge outpouring of personal messages. It doesn't even have to be that long a message. It simply has to be your own work. In your own words. Sound familiar? I bet you all heard that at school too.

Like a Phoenix

Your site will rise from the Google's depths (other web crawlers / search engines are available, please delete as applicable) and you will find that given time and patience, you can vastly improve your SEO results.

Or you could use Google AdWords. But that gets so expensive so quickly.

And Naturally

Whilst I'm terrible at making myself organise my regular blog posts, I can write you amazing content from only $200.00 per post. Optimised to boost you up the rankings, I've proved over and over I'm immodestly pretty good at this stuff. Which is handy when it's my job.

Contact me, Kitty, today to find out what I can do to help you get found online.

AdWords may be easy, but can easily run up huge costs!

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