Building a website is so much more than drag and dropping images and text. There's planning and designing a good visual page, ensuring you can legally use the images, and pesky stuff like terms, conditions, cookies (not the yummy kind) and data security to consider. That's all before you've even considered metadata, alt text and making certain your page is accessible to all users of the web. Take the pain out of it all and let Misfitt help. Kitty will build a fully optimised site to your requirements, train you (if required) how to use it and get you up and running in no time, leaving you free to concentrate on your business. Call Kitty on 0223074553 and let's talk.

Social Media

Social media is everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you like it or loathe it, people expect to find you somewhere other than just your website. That’s where Kitty can help. She can give you a hand with managing your strategy for a host of different media platforms and can assist with setting up a campaign to drive people to your door. When it comes to social media, planning is everything. Together we can work out a strategy that works for you and for your business. Don’t allow yourself to drown in a sea of different media platforms, call Kitty on 0223074553 and let’s talk.


SEO can seem frightening and difficult, but it needn’t be with the help of Misfitt. Search Engine Optimisation is simply getting found online. You have a website, but who knows it’s there? Kitty can optimise for different web browsers, and of course has a good handle on everyone’s favourite search engine, Google. The algorithms change often and keeping on top of current trends in layout, design and that all important metadata, snippets and generally ensuring your site is seen as a quality page to read for all is absolutely vital. Don’t be lost in the dark. Get found by your customers. Pick up the phone, call me on 0223074553 and let’s talk.

Google Ads

Google Ads (Previously AdWords) is pay-per-click advertising. You enter some details,  someone searches for those keywords, and there’s your advert. Simple, right? Ensuring your adverts have been correctly optimised for the complex algorithms that are at work is less simple. Take the pain out of checking and maintaining your ad campaign with Kitty. Go from zero to hero and take your pick of clients – stop chasing them and let them chase you. Call Kitty and let’s talk.


Kitty has a background in corporate business service and technical data training. She is also an engaging and entertaining public speaker, and professional and interesting presenter. Perhaps you would like some advice or help with using your mobile telephone, computer or tablet devices. Or you need an experienced and knowledgeable person to help your team or group understand a product or service. Kitty is the woman you need. Experienced in writing and delivering training packages, or simply explaining things in clear terms, contact Kitty or call 0223074553 and let’s talk.

printed book pages lined up on the floor


Ah. Content. The magic word. Getting the right content is so much more than just writing some text into a page. When you’re writing for the web you need to consider your audience, why the text is there and what purpose it serves on the page. You also need to optimise it for the web, which means you need background data that the readers won’t even see, and to make sure that once it’s written, it gets found. Misfitt will work with you to make sure your important message gets through. Call 0223074553 or contact us here and let’s talk.