Start-Up Stumbler

Start-Up Stumbler

Kitty writes about the evils of Procrastination

I’m terrible at taking my own advice. When talking to people about SEO (search engine optimisation) I always tell them that to really drive up organic growth they should be writing a blog. As often as possible. Weekly? That would be great but the reality is more like every month. Do they do this? No. The surge in copywriters and people skilled at writing good prose, optimised for those all-important Google algorithms is immense. Everyone promises to grow your customer base, find new areas of business. Some of the claims are really quite impressive. Do they deliver? Possibly. At a price.

Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It

But I’m not here to lament my terrible blogging skills. You can see for yourself that I’m not the world’s greatest regular blogger. (Unless you pay me of course, then I’ll turn something out quick smart.) Why is it that we don’t spend time working on promoting our own businesses? I tell people that this is worth cold, hard, cash. Do I use my own skills for myself? Of course not. Well. I am sat here on Waitangi Day morning (national holiday here in New Zealand) while everyone else is in bed, finally taking my own advice, but it took a while.


woman gazing out of a window
Gazing into space is much more fun than working, right?!

Toughing it Out

Starting up a small business is easy. Keeping it going is harder. I sometimes feel I’ve hit that place where it’s quite tough. Working from a home office provides so many distractions it’s not funny. It’s amazing how appealing laundry becomes when faced with the alternative of knuckling down to actually getting the job done. Procrastination abounds, but I’m trying to keep a lid on it. I have found a strange correlation between working hard and obtaining money. I quite like that bit. It’s been a slog, but steady income is beginning to come in, and it feels good.

Job Satisfaction

It’s very satisfying to know that while some around me complain bitterly about their bosses, their demands from work, I create my own future. I am my own boss, and I really should pull myself up harder. Goal setting, planning, the dreaded sales funnel. All are actually really important. Which makes me think that perhaps that monthly blog might have to go back onto the schedule. And my boss will have to make sure I write it.

Until next month. 😉

Kitty @ Misfitt – Design / Build / Digital Marketing

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