meme about working not being fun.

It’s been a funny old week here at Misfitt. I’ve learned quite a lot about persevering, and the horrible truth that working for yourself, while sounding awesome, involves – you’ve guessed it – lots of hard work. Real work. The boring stuff that you don’t want to do. I’m building a website for a company, and that’s great, but when you are spending literally hours fiddling around with the tiniest of details to get something right, it suddenly isn’t all fun anymore. However, the immense satisfaction of knowing that here I am, at 16.09 on Thursday (my end of the week) I have actually completed my weekly objectives and I even have time to write this post!

This week Misfitt web design and development went all official and talked to banks and other businesses about important stuff. It all feels very real right now, like I’m on the cusp of something. It’s that strange tipping point. I need to find more business, but I also need to find time to upskill, keep up to date with things and actually maintain what I’ve already got. I’m getting (even) better at time allocation, and the even the kids are beginning to realise that Mum really *is* working, and not just messing about on Facebook. For the first time this week, I even described myself as “self-employed”. Coo. Get me.

I have high hopes for Misfitt web design and development. I’m a firm believer in hard work paying off. I plan for much more of it. Control your destiny!


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