OK. This might be kind of controversial. I’ve seen a number of posts on Wellington Facebook groups recently asking for people to build websites. Often small businesses or start-ups that are looking to build their brand and gain an online presence.

In the comments I’ve been delighted to see that some of my customers and friends have referred the person to me, but there are heaps of people suggesting the poster build their own site using online free resources like Wix and Weebly. 

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Now there is nothing wrong really with using these web utilities. They are quite simple to use and operate and will host your site for a minimal fee. However, there are so many things that need to be thought of before embarking on the site build. 

Think about:

Who will maintain your site?
Who will rebuild it if there is a problem and you lose your site entirely? 
Who will back up your data / site and ensure it is available 24 hours a day?
Do you understand privacy laws and the requirements around data storage? 

Most importantly:
 – Can you afford to spend the time out of your business to learn how to build a professional looking site?
 – What damage do you do to your brand image if you have a poorly-built and badly maintained site that doesn’t comply with current legislation?

Most of us know how to re-wire a plug but that doesn’t mean we’d undertake rewriting our entire house. Websites require a lot of things that are ‘under the hood’ so to speak.

The answer:

When I build a site I can spend more time setting up all the background requirements than I do adding the actual content. The reason is because there is simply so much that is needed just to keep your website running smoothly and ensure it’s compliant and safe.

When you hire a
professional website builder you get someone who understands what is
needed to make sure you get exactly what you want, with the backup to
support it and keep it running. You will also gain valuable advice
about how to maximise your search engine optimisation (SEO) to make
sure you are being found when people are looking for a business like

Luckily Kitty from
Misfitt web design and development (that would be me) has a handle on
all of this and can ensure you get it right first time, every time.
And with competitive packages that will get you up and running with a
clean, modern website on a professional hosting platform for only
$300 deposit what are you waiting for? 

Be different. Choose

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