This week sees Misfitt Web Design and Development launch a new website. It’s been a long time in the making, but I guess that’s sometimes how things pan out. Perhaps a customer is busy, has different priorities, ‘something’ comes up, you never can tell. It’s hard when you’re a small business to get your customer to sit up and take notice of you, but you really do have to learn how to control conversations and ensure you keep your customer focused, on-track, and stay inside those timescales!

Ah yes, timescales. Aren’t they a pain in the… well, you get the idea. I reckon above all else fixing and maintaining timescales has been one of my biggest pitfalls, but I’ve been getting to grips with it. Tenacity is key. It’s also at this point were I a really successful blogger I would have some handy ‘affiliate link’ or whatnot. Yea, alas, Ms Misfitt is still simple small fry and has yet to hit the big leagues of the daily bloggers. Still, with my most recent website build I finally realised I had to draw on those previous days in sales (shiver) and simply grasp the nettle and go for it. And once you do, it’s often not nearly as difficult as you would imagine. My creation had languished for months, and in the end, all it took was a quick email. That’s it. Not even a ‘phone call. (Don’t get me started on people that always email instead of calling. That’s a whole blog post in itself.) Suffice to say they were delighted to hear from me. Delighted! Fancy that! Although, naturally, people are always thrilled to hear from me, aren’t they? We had a meeting where sadly the entire thing was rewritten and started from scratch once again; but at least it was all systems go.

And now here I am, a few weeks later about to ‘go live’. See? Web development is exciting stuff, honest! Building these things can be hard work, but that BINGO moment when it all clicks into place is so worth it. I spent three days trying to fix a slider. It turns out all I needed was a ten minute break so I could see I had to tick a box in WordPress. Oops. And having said all that, I should really get back into it. This business isn’t going to build itself you know!

Remember. If you need a website, if no-one else can help, maybe you can hire; Misfitt.

By Ms Kitty, covering the Kapiti Coast and beyond.

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